How Much Do X Rays Cost For Dogs?

How much is an X ray at the vets?

X-rays are obviously a great tool for vets trying to treat sick or injured animals, but they’re also pretty pricey. Most owners find that they cost between $75 and $500, depending on a variety of factors.

How much are xrays for dogs?

A basic set of X-rays of this type will run anywhere from $150 to $500 in most general practice settings.

Are dogs sedated for X rays?

Dog x-rays are totally painless, but some dogs can benefit from sedation to reduce anxiety and stress.

How much do X rays cost without insurance?

For patients without health insurance, X-rays typically cost about $100-$1,000 or more. On average, X-rays cost $260-$460, varying by provider and geographic location, according to[1] . Actual X-ray cost depends on the provider, the part of the body being X-rayed, and the number of views taken.